Chips Average Line (volume price) by RSU

This is a very important volume-price indicator for me.

Displays the average cost of chips for the short term (30 days), medium term (60 days), and long term (200 days).
Chip lines act as support and resistance . The longer the trend days, the greater the strength.

1. Breakout: If the stock rises, it must be above the short-term chip line. And gradually rise.

2. Sequence: When a bullish trend is formed, the short-term stack is higher than the mid-term stack, and the mid-flag stack is higher than the long-term stack. When there is a bear trend, the order is reversed.

3. Intensive: When the three chip lines are dense, there will be a periodical resonance effect, and the long-term trend will rise or fall sharply
版本注释: Added smoothing parameter to reduce the jaggedness of the indicator.

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