First of all thanks to concept owner @sanstocktrader ( Twitter Handle) for sharing this on public platform.

Those who don't know how to trade this strategy can get an idea by studying about it from Pinned Tweet of @vwaptraders.

Thanks to below mentioned Twitter Handles for helping newbies to learn and earn using this strategy.

Telegram support channels for this strategy are as mention below :
1) vwaptraders
2) blisstrades

**Checkout Telegram/Twitter history msgs for learning to avoid repetitive queries.

This script will be helpful up to certain extent to identify trade based on strategy shared above.
Here are salient features of this script :
-Plot current day VWAP=CVWAP
-Plot previous day EoD VWAP=PVWAP
-Transparent Blue background suggests to take only BUY side trade (Close > CVWAP and PVWAP)
-Transparent Red background suggest to take only SELL side trade (Close < CVWAP and PVWAP)

** Script is kept protected mode and don't ask for codes
(I think it's easy to code and by coding yourself, you will learn so many aspect of trading which you might missed)
从常用的脚本中删除 添加到常用的脚本
thank you
+1 回复
TheSpecialist_IN ravisheth11
@ravisheth11, My Pleasure !
How can scan stock as per your above rule.
@Amit_Yadav, There are many scanner available in market ! Read strategy in detail and create scanner as per your requirement.
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