[sphx] FWMA

I've developed a cool indicator. The indicator calculates a Fibonacci-weighted moving average (FWMA) based on a specific length. What sets it apart is that it assists me in identifying potential trend reversals. When the indicator's color changes - from red to light red or from green to light green - it's an indication that the trend might be shifting.

What makes the indicator even more interesting: While I'm keeping an eye on these color changes, I'm also observing the price behavior. I check whether the price is in a consolidation phase during the color transition. This not only helps me detect potential trend changes but also to see whether the market is in a phase of price consolidation. The combination of this information aids me in making well-informed trading decisions.

I find the indicator so useful that I've decided to make it available to the community. You can use the code and adapt it to your own trading strategies. I hope it's as helpful to you as it has been to me. Wishing all of you successful trades and the best outcomes! Let's understand the market together and trade successfully.

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