Accurate BUY & SELL 5 mins TF by RR

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Always trade using 5 mins Time frame of chart.
For Buy entry always buy 1 point above the candle closing price & SL would be previous candle low or 30 points.
For Sell Entry Always Sell 1 point below the candle opening price & SL would be previous candle high or 30 points.
Do not take trades using 3 mins Time frame, as there is lot of noise. It works best with 5 mins Time frame.
I have adjusted/set according my trading pattern, if needed use the settings options to set accordingly .
Removed range highlighter to keep the chart simple.

Original Version credits to ZacVaughn

Actual Version i just set alerts and change the parameters for Crude OIL 5min Chart.


Wait For Barclose
Updated Version : changed few parameters for better Accuracy .
Added Additional Buy & Sell alerts, that Can be configured using Alert management option on your chart, Select Condition: Accurate Buy and Sell and then Select the option : Order Fills. Also Check the box which says notify on App for alerts on Mobile .
Cheers .
Enabled Trade with Trend option, Changed the Buy & Sell Signals Values.
Revised it for more accuracy, Now signals will be generated those will be with trend, In case you want signals opposite to trend or reversal, Uncheck the option Trade with Trend, Best Results on 5 mins Time frame .
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Cheers !!!!
Roll Back the changes made, As it messed up the signals !!!!

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