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KBC combines the logarithmic bollinger bands with keltner channels.
Keltner Channel + Bollinger Band Combination
Concept published by Eric Thies 2018 | Updated 2021

U+2588 Changes Made
  • Upgraded to Pine v4 + Visual Plotting Updated
  • Removal of logarithmic input, replaced with standard calculation
  • Source formatted to updated and recommended look

// [pine]
// © kingthies | This source code is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public License 2.0 at

study(title="Keltner + Bollinger Band Combination [kingthies]", shorttitle="KBC [kingthies]", overlay=true) 

// !<------ Inputs & Strings -------> 
src = input(close, type=input.source, title="Bollinger and Keltner Source"), length = input(20, minval=1, title="BBand Length"), mult = input(2.0, minval=0.001, maxval=50, title="BBand Standard Deviations"), 
offset = input(0, title="Offset"), basis = sma(src, length), dev = mult * stdev(src, length), upper = basis + dev, lower = basis - dev
useTrueRange = input(true, title='Toggle True Range on Kelts?'), keltlength = input(20, minval=1, title="Kelt Length (20 Default)"), keltmult = input(1.0, title='Kelt Multiple')
keltsrc = src, ma = ema(keltsrc, length), range = useTrueRange ? tr : high - low, rangema = ema(range, keltlength)
upperkelt = ma + rangema * keltmult, lowerkelt = ma - rangema * keltmult

// !<----- Plotting -------- > 
upperBB = plot(upper, transp=0, color=color.white, linewidth=2,offset=offset, title="Upper BBand (2 St Dev Default)")
lowerBB = plot(lower, transp=0, color=color.white,linewidth=2, offset=offset, title="Lower BBand (2 St. Dev Default)")
u = plot(upperkelt, color=color.white, title="Upper Keltner Channel"), l = plot(lowerkelt, color=color.white, linewidth=1, title="Lower Keltner Channel")
plot(basis, transp=0,linewidth=2,, title="Bollinger Basis (20MA Default)"), plot(ma,, title="Keltner Basis")
fill(u, l, color=color.aqua, transp=80, title='Keltner Channel Fill'), fill(upperBB, lowerBB, color=color.aqua,transp=80, title="BBand Fill")
// [/pine]

For information regarding the calculation and use of Bollinger Bands or Keltner Channels, the resources provided here on Tradingview are available by searching in the toolbar above.
Logarithmic Fix
Upgrading script from pine v4 to pine v5

Eric Thies

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