[blackcat] L1 Markos Katsanos Volume Flow Indicator

Level 1


Markos Katsanos’ volume flow indicator (VFI) calculation uses a default period of 130 days for daily charts . As a result, when applying the strategy, you will need to set the maximum number of bars the study will reference in the general tab of properties for all to at least 130. In order to compare the system objectively with the buy & hold results, he specified a trade size as a percent of equity.


For more information see Markos Katsanos's articles in the June 2004 and July 2004 issues of Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine. Period=days for VFI calculation. Default values are 130 for daily and 26 for weekly charts.Coef=coefficient for minimal price cut-of (use 0.2 for daily and 0.1 for intraday 5-15 min data) Vcoef=coefficient for volume cut-off (use 2.5 for daily and 3.5 for intraday charts)


This is a Level 1 free and open source indicator.

Feedbacks are appreciated.

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