IchiMAMA (Experimental)

Goichi Hosoda's "Ichimoku Kinkō Hyō" is a widely used Trend Following indicator and can be defined as a "system" rather than an indicator.

Published in the late 1960's, consisting of 5 lines.

TenkanSen (Conversion Line) = of the last 9 bars
KijunSen (Base Line) = of the last 26 bars
SenkouSpanA (Leading Span A) = Average of Tenkan&KijunSen shifted -> 26 bars
SenkouSpanB (Leading Span B) = of the last 52 bars
ChikouSpan (Lagging Span) = Price shifted <- 26 bars

On the other hand, Mesa Adaptive Moving Average developed by John Ehlers around early 2000's shows similarities with Hosoda's Tenkan and KijunSen using a different calculation method. For futher info:

I find MAMA superior to TenkanSen and KijunSen in terms of crossing signals.


Thus, decided to replace TenkanSen and KijunSen of regular Ichimoku with MAMA&FAMA of Ehlers and calculated SenkouSpanA accordingly. SenkouSpanB and ChikouSpan stays the same as per Ichimoku's logic. (Periods are 30 by default for cryptocurrencies. If stocks then 26)


This is purely experimental and educational. Hope you'll like it :)

I'd like to thank @everget for MAMA&FAMA
and @KivancOzbilgic for Ichimoku Kinkō Hyō and Volume Based Colored Bars


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