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Level: 1


The Triple Exponential Moving Average (TRIX) indicator is a strong technical analysis tool. It can help investors determine the price momentum and identify oversold and overbought signals in a financial asset. Jack Hutson is the creator of the TRIX indicator . He created it in the early 1980s to show the rate of change in a triple exponentially smoothed moving average.

When used as an oscillator, it shows a potential peak and trough price zones. A positive value tells traders that there is an overbought market while a negative value means an oversold market. When traders use TRIX as a momentum indicator, it filters spikes in the price that are vital to the general dominant trend.

A positive value means momentum is rising while a negative value means that momentum is reducing. A lot of analysts believe that when the TRIX crosses above the zero line it produces a buy signal, and when it closes below the zero line, it produces a sell signal.The indicator has three major components:

  • Zero line
  • TRIX line (or histograms)
  • Percentage Scale


The TRIX indicator determines overbought and oversold markets, and it can also be a momentum indicator. Just as it is with most oscillators, TRIX oscillates around a zero line. Additionally, divergences between price and TRIX can mean great turning points in the market. TRIX calculates a triple exponential moving average of the log of the price input. It calculates this based on the time specified by the length input for the current bar.

Trading TRIX indicator signals

Zero line cross
TRIX can help determine the impulse of the market. With the 0 value acting as a centerline, if it crosses from below, it will be mean that the impulse is growing in the market.Traders can, therefore, look for opportunities to place buy orders in the market. Similarly, a cross of the centerline from above will mean a shrinking impulse in the market. Traders can, therefore, look for opportunities to sell in the market.

Signal line cross
To select the best entry points, investors add a signal line on the TRIX indicator. The signal line is a moving average of the TRIX indicator, and due to this, it will lag behind the TRIX.A signal to place a buy order will occur when the TRIX crosses the signal line from below. In the same way, a signal to place a sell order will come up when the TRIX crosses the signal line from above. This is applicable in both trending and ranging markets.In trending markets, a signal line cross will indicate an end of the price retracement, and the main trend will resume. In ranging markets, a signal line confirms that resistance and support zones have been upheld in the market.

Traders can use the Triple Exponential Average can to identify when important turning points can happen in the market. They can achieve this by looking at divergences. Divergences happen when the price is moving in the opposite direction as the TRIX indicator.When price makes higher highs but the TRIX makes lower highs, it means that the up-trend is weakening, and a bearish reversal is about to form. When the price makes lower lows, but the TRIX makes higher lows, it means that a bullish reversal is about to happen. Bullish and bearish divergences happen when the security and the indicator do not confirm themselves. A bullish divergence can happen when the security makes a lower low, but the indicator forms a higher low. This higher low means less downside momentum that may foreshadow a bullish reversal. A bearish divergence happens when the commodity makes a higher low, but the indicator forms a lower high. This lower high indicates weak upside momentum that can foreshadow a bearish reversal sometimes. Bearish divergences do not work well in strong uptrends. Even though momentum appears to be weakening due to the indicator is making lower highs, momentum still has a bullish bias as long as it is above its centerline.When bullish and bearish divergences work, they work very well. The secret is to separate the bad signals from the good signals.

Key Signal

RXval --> new TRIX indicator.
AvgTRX --> linear regression average of new TRIX indicator.


This is a Level 1 free and open source indicator.

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