Sessioned EMA - Frozen EMA in post market hours

Why I develop this indicator?

In future indices, post market data with little volume distort the moving average seriously. This indicator is to eliminate the distortion of data during low volume post market hours.

How to use?

There is a time session setting in the indicator, you can set the cash hour time, moving average outside the session will be frozen.

What this indicator gives you

This indicator give you a more make sense ema pattern, the ema lines are more respected by the prices when you set the session properly.


1. Session setting
In US indices, such as NQ, ES etc, when there was data release at 0830 hr, huge volume transaction order appears, that makes the 0830 price data important that should be included in your ema trend line calculating. If that is the case, I will set the session begin from 0830, otherwise, I start the session at 0930. Golden rule : Price with huge volume counts.

2. Time zone
The coding is decided for GMT+8 time zone, you may amend the code to fit your timezone.

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