VIX Monitor [Zero54]


This is a simple but invaluable tool for both day traders and positional traders. VIX is about market expectations of volatility

The VIX is a very good and sound measure of risk in the markets. It gives these stock traders who are in intraday trading and short term traders an idea of whether the volatility is going up or going down in the market. They can calibrate their strategy accordingly. When the volatility is likely to shoot up sharply, the intraday traders run the risk of stop losses getting triggered quickly. Hence they can either reduce their leverage or they can widen their stop losses accordingly.

Also if you notice VIX is a very good and reliable gauge of index movement. If you plot the VIX and the Nifty movement you will see a clear negative correlation in the charts itself. Markets typically tend to peak out when the VIX is bottoming out and the markets tend to bottom out when the VIX is peaking out. This is a useful input for index trades.

You can use this simple indicator to monitor VIX real time. You can use it for short time frame intraday and also multi-hour, multi-day charts. You can also plot a moving average to gauge the VIX trend.

Also is the ability to monitor, Nifty and BankNifty the same way you are able to monitor the VIX (as explained above). The overall market moves in correlation with these main Indexes. So if you are trading a specific counter, you can also keep an eye on the index to get an idea where the counter may be going next.

The source code is open, please feel to modify or re-use as you feel it’s necessary. Any changes, improvements, bugs, please let me know.

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