Volume Multi Time Frame

Hi All,

This script shows total volume info of Higher Time Frame. it checks open/close prices of higher time frame and sets the color. it also show a dynamic line on last volume , so you can see when HTF candle started and ended. by looking at the color of volume columns you can see HTF candle is green or red. it's something like weis wave volume that is using HTF candles.

Higher time frame is set automatically, you can set it manually by choosing "User-defined" in the indicator options and choose higher time frame as you want

Here some examples:
Current time freame is 1min and htf is 1hour

Current time freame is 1min and htf is 1day

版本注释: Added Alerts.
版本注释: Fixed Alert
版本注释: Fixed Alert (it will give alert only if HTF candle color is changed, it was giving alert on each candle even if HTF color doesn't change)
从常用脚本中删除 添加到常用脚本
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Another marvelous indicator; no messy and so easy to understand in MTF; appreciated for your generous sharing <3
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thank you sir
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awesome stuff, thanks a lot!
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@LonesomeTheBlue Can you please guide, how to use this indicator?
Hi @LonesomeTheBlue

alertcondition(close >= Open, title='HTF Candle is green', message='HTF Candle is green')
alertcondition(close < Open, title='HTF Candle is green', message='HTF Candle is red')

I see the alert repeated. How to alert only when the candles change color
thanks you?
Hi @longdt, I made minor update. when you set alert choose "Once Per Bar Close" pls. until higher time frame completed/close you may get 1 or more alerts. this is because of higher time frame contains more than one candle of current time frame, in higher time frame period close price can be lower than open price then higher, then lower again. I hope it's clear.
longdt LonesomeTheBlue
@LonesomeTheBlue, I saw your note about fixing alert errors
I am testing the repetition on the 1 minute time frame and it is still repeating.
Thanks @LonesomeTheBlue so much.
This is a great indicator to trade.
Can you add red and blue alerts on the chart?
Thank you for your contribution. I will donate BTC for you.
@longdt, you are welcome, I will add alerts.
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