Indecisive Candles

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An Indecisive Candle, often referred to as a Base Candle, is a pivotal element in technical analysis, particularly for identifying institutional supply and demand zones. These candles are characterized by their small bodies and long wicks, reflecting a balance between buyers and sellers, indicating a potential pause or consolidation in the market.

To calculate whether a candle qualifies as an indecisive candle based on the criterion that its body (the absolute difference between its open and close prices) is less than or equal to 50% of the total range of the candle (the difference between its high and low prices).
Key Features:

Small Real Body: Signifies minimal movement from open to close, indicating market indecision.
Long Upper and Lower Wicks: Show that both bulls and bears attempted to control the price, but neither succeeded, leading to a standoff.
Formation Context: Typically found at the end of a strong trend or within a consolidation phase, hinting at a potential reversal or continuation pattern.
Usage in Identifying Institutional Supply and Demand:

Supply Zones: When an Indecisive Candle forms after a rally, it can mark the onset of an institutional supply zone, suggesting that large entities are starting to sell, leading to potential downward pressure.
Demand Zones: Conversely, when this candle appears after a downtrend, it often signals the emergence of a demand zone, where institutions begin to accumulate, anticipating a price increase.
Trading Strategies:

Zone Identification: Use Indecisive Candles to pinpoint key supply and demand zones on your chart, enhancing the accuracy of your support and resistance levels.
Confirmation: Look for confirmation from subsequent price action or volume spikes to validate the presence of institutional activity before making trading decisions.
Risk Management: Place stop-loss orders beyond the wicks of these candles to protect against false breakouts or continued indecision.
Indecisive Candles are essential tools for traders looking to understand market sentiment and institutional behavior. By mastering their identification and interpretation, you can enhance your ability to spot high-probability trading opportunities and manage risks effectively.
Removed Wick and Boader
Added feature to find Gaps between price close and open, which the price will fill eventually.
Added option to customize bullish and bearish indecisive candles in separate colors.

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