Strategy BackTest Display Statistics - TraderHalai

This script was born out of my quest to be able to display strategy back test statistics on charts to allow for easier backtesting on devices that do not natively support backtest engine (such as mobile phones, when I am backtesting from away from my computer). There are already a few good ones on TradingView, but most / many are too complicated for my needs.

Found an excellent display backtest engine by 'The Art of Trading'. This script is a snippet of his hard work, with some very minor tweaks and changes. Much respect to the original author.

Full credit to the original author of this script. It can be found here: www.tradingview...Stars-Strategy/?offer_id=1...

I decided to modify the script by simplifying it down and make it easier to integrate into existing strategies, using simple copy and paste, by relying on existing tradingview strategy backtester inputs. I have also added 3 additional performance metrics:

- Max Run Up
- Average Win per trade
- Average Loss per trade

As this is a work in progress, I will look to add in more performance metrics in future, as I further develop this script.

Feel free to use this display panel in your scripts and strategies.

Thanks and enjoy :)

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