MTF Vegas tunnel & pivots

A script made to simplify trend identification, major and minor pivot but also bollinger band based signal

It is composed of a suite of indicators tuned to match my trading style. Feel free to tune settings.

Multi timeframe vegas tunnel
As you know, vegas tunnel are composed of 3 ema (144, 169, 233) which you can tune length in the parameters. Those are used to identify possible support & resistance zone.
Having support & resistance allow you to easily identify the trend. But what is even better is to be able to always have an global view of the market
without having to switch time frame. This is why vegas tunnel are displayed from 1m to Daily (1m, 5m, 15m, H1, H4 & D).
This is to be able to identify trend/support/resistance on a given timeframe while keeping an eye on the upper timeframe

Major and minor pivot:
This part is based on benchch Major and Minor Fib points
It will highlight high and low if no new high or low has been established for a given period of time.
Super useful to find high and low to draw fib retracement to find your trade entry point, SL, PTP and TP

BB% Signal:
Last but not least BB signal. This is based on the TV indicator BB% indicator but adding signal on chart when crossing up or down 0.8 & 0.2.
It allow you to potentially find weakness in the current movement and should alarm you that it might be time to find an entry or get out of your current trade.

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