SHAHRAM - Money Management

This indiator will help you to calculate your position size for managing the risk calculator.

Features :
Click-able Price Entry & SL & TP
calculations works on Forex, CFD, Stock, Futures and Crypto markets.

Step 1: Set your entry price
Step 2: Set your stop loss
Step 3: Set your Target
Step 4: Choose the symbol, forex will be automatically detected
Step 5: Fill in your balance and set your risk settings

- Set symbol: Forex (auto detection), US100, US30, BTC, XAUUSD, NGAS, XBRUSD, XTIUSD, AUS200, US500, OIL, GOLD, SILVER,...
- Account balance
- Risk in %
- Contract size
- Levels: Stop loss, Entry, Target
- Display settings for the Trading Panel

Trading panel
- Show Live P/L
- Show Risk to reward
- Show lot size
- Show risk in %
- Show account balance
- Show money at risk (no commissions included)

You need change the lot size in Account Setting of this indicator For Gold,Oil... and Other Symbol like as different pip value.
Simply choose your entry level and stop level than target price on the chart and the indicator will calculate your invest size and other documents. You can change your account risk and base currency units in the settings along with changing the scaling of the calculation to adjust the results with the lot sizing units of your broker. This allows the calculator to be used with CFDs, forex, Gold, etc.. Hope it helps in your trading it has been the single most useful tool in my trading as it has helped me always keep my risk locked up and on point that is why I released it.

Copyright BY : @shahramlife

indiator will help you to calculate your position size for managing the risk calculator.


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