[blackcat] L1 Beauty Shoulder

Level 1


A classic candle pattern : beauty shoulder.


Beauty shoulder, as the name suggests, is that the trend of the candle chart is like a beauty shoulder. The most important feature of the beauty shoulder pattern is that after it reaches the shoulder, it does not wash the market through the downward trend of the stock price, but only by slowing down the rising speed to achieve washing out float chips.Therefore, the shape of the beauty shoulder is not rising from beginning to end, but the acceleration of the rise has changed.

Morphological characteristics:
1. Beauty shoulder is a candlestick pattern. It is usually the trace left by the main force opening up positions. This pattern is encountered by dozens every year, and you will always find it if you look for it carefully.
2. The technical characteristics of the beauty shoulder, the 5-day moving average and the 10-day moving average must continue to form a golden fork.
3. The trend in the first half of the candle chart must present an arch, and only in this way can it be called a beauty shoulder.
4. The candle chart must be above the 60-day moving average. It is best to hang it in the air, or a stronger shoulder of the beauty. The candle chart is above the 30-day moving average, so the magnitude of the pull up will become larger.
5. The bottom of the shoulder of the beauty is the part of the consolidation, and the volume must be increased, because the shoulder of the beauty is the result of the main force building a strong position in a short time, so the volume must be increased.
6. The rise of the shoulders of the beauty is very scary, and the increase is usually more than 30%.

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