TeoTrading 38 - Moving Average Crossover - Long-Short

With this indicator you can obtain the percent of gain / loss of each trade based on Moving Average Crossover.

Prints different types of moving Average: SMA , EMA , WMA and VWMA.

It is usefull to view in only few minutes differents crossovers.

The crossver´s in LONG Trades are indicated with:
"P": Positive Crossover. Open a Long Trade.
Green: Negative Crossover with gain. Close the Long Trade.
Red: Negative Crossover with Loss. Close the Long Trade.

The crossver´s in SHORT Trades are indicated with:
"N": Negative Crossover. Open a Short Trade.
Green: Positive Crossover with gain. Close the Short Trade.
Red: Positive Crossover with Loss. Close the Short Trade.

The Percents of gain and loss are indicated in the Labels.

Input Parameters:

Type of Trade: Long/Short.
Type_: Type of Moving Average.
PrintPrice: Enable open value print.
Fast: Fast Moving Average.
Slow: Slow Moving Average.

This indicator does not generate recommendations to buy or to sell. It was designed ONLY for educational purposes.


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