Support and Resistance Levels and Zones [Quantigenics]

Support and Resistance Levels and Zones Indicator is an enhanced support and resistance indicator in that typical support and resistance levels are crucial concepts in technical analysis representing price levels where selling or buying momentum tends to halt, typically leading to a price reversal.

The Support and Resistance Levels and Zones Indicator goes beyond static levels by identifying dynamic 'zones'. These zones, depicted as shaded areas, offer more nuanced insights, acknowledging that markets are not rigid but fluctuating entities. Traders can leverage these zones, alongside the standard levels that the indicator plots, to better time their entries and exits, maximizing potential profitability and minimizing risk.

This is a "must-see on your charts" indicator and while scrolling back looking at historical data shows the amazing power of this indicator, it's even better in realtime LIVE price action and the price can tend to hit the Support and Resistance Levels and Zones multiple times intrabar.


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