Best Rabbit Strategy

Genesis strategy. Trading strategies can't be so perfect, they can't scrape the bottom and escape the top, and they can't capture all the examples in the market. Trading system only processes the past data, divides the market and classifies it completely.

Don't try to predict how the market will go. It will cost a lot. We should follow the market and make friends with the trend. What will the market do next?

This strategy is mainly the CTA trend tracking concept. Our strategy does not try to capture every kind of market (shock or trend), profit and loss are the same. What trading concept should be adopted to dare to lose the corresponding corner, so that we can make profits in the market with the appropriate concept.

The perfect strategy should be to take four steps and three steps backwards. In the long run, trading is definitely a small profit industry, not a one-night fortune. If anyone can make a fortune, it must be a gambler or so-called analyst or cheater.

Stick to the idea, stick to the operation, don't be afraid of losing money, and make a big profit when the market comes.

Above, good wishes.