Strategy - Bobo Intraday Swing Bot with filters

This is an adapted version of my swing bot with additional filters that mean it works quite well on lower timeframes like 1min, 5 mins as long as you adjust the setting accordingly (reduce pivot timescale, band width)

Entry conditions are filtered by an invisible trend calculation running in the background so the bot doesn't repeatedly try and fail to fade a strong trend. It has just about everything you should need for basic use, stop losses and targets, automatically close trade at pivot .

I get good results on rangey instruments like major indices such as SPX / ES that kind of thing. Make sure you understand the minmum tick value of an index so the stop setting on the bot work properly

Hope it's useful!

本着真正的TradingView精神,该脚本的作者将其开源发布,因此交易者可以理解和验证它。为作者加油! 您可以免费使用它,但是在发布中重复使用此代码受网站规则的约束。您可以收藏它以在图表上使用。



Hi bob... i want to try this in bitcoin or ethereum. in Bitmex. what is your opinion?
And please guide me how to implement it in bitmex
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This looks good. May work this into my own strategy that I'm working on.
If I may ask. What Performance Summary stats would you expect to see from back-testing before using real money?
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codenameCookie codenameCookie
@codenameCookie, DOnt worry I found it. :)
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can you please guide me the best parameter settings for making it run on a time frame of 1 min.
BobVanders rajeshy05
@rajeshy05, Hi please understand there are no 'best' settings that will always work. You need to tailor them to each timeframe and instrument to see optimal performance, and performance will change as market conditions change. On a 1 min timeframe on the backtester here that's not going to give you a lot of data on which to backtest and so you will effectively have to curve fit the bot to recent market conditions by trial and error with the settings. Curve fitting has it's own problems (mainly that you have no guarantee that the conditions on which you tuned the bot will stay the same in future) but it is the best we can do in tradingview. There are a lot of setting but the first two are the most sensible to experiment with. Here are some setting that backtest quite well over the last 100 trades on the 1 min timeframe of the cfd market spx500

Please note I am using an updated version of the bot to achieve those results. The updated version uses is Pine v4 and also is far better suited to lower timeframes due top how it calculates the bands. You can find that version here:https://www.
DenoTrade BobVanders
@BobVanders, hi, where i can find this script with the new pine version 4? Thank you in advance :)
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BobVanders rajeshy05
@rajeshy05, sorry the setting are here
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