Intraday Mean Reversion Money Performance indicator

The diagram shows Money Performance when buying stocks for 10 000 at every buy signal from the Intraday Mean Reversion indicator.
The indicator is best used in combination with Intraday Mean Reversion Main Indicator

The rules for trading are: Buy on Open price if the Intraday Mean Reversion Main indicator gives a buy signal. Sell on the daily close price.
According to my knowledge it is not possible to create a PineScript strategy based on these rules, because the indicator is used on Day to Day graph. Therefore this indicator can be used to analyze Money performance of this strategy.

The lines show the performance of the Intraday Mean Reversion Strategy, based on the different levels in the strategy (from 0.5 Standard deviation to 1.1 standard deviation)

Using this indicator it is possible to find stocks that often reverse towards mean after open.

Use this strategy on stocks with high positive performance. Do not use on stocks with negative performance.

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