Double RSI + BB

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RSI stands for Relative Strength Index.
Bollinger Bands stands for a channel open by standard deviation values plotting upper, lower lines.
Double RSI with Bollinger bands adapted Bollinger bands to RSI not using overlay mode. It tries to filter fake signals while giving more good signals according to volatility even below overbought areas or above oversold areas. This way you can use greater values for RSI, like 25 and 100, increasing smoothness with less market noise.
We added an extra gap spacer to smooth Bollinger bands while widening the channel with a lower multiplier.

I found better results when Fast RSI crosses back into Bollinger bands channel.

You can play with the following settings:

• Source
Close is the most used
• Fast RSI length
Default to 25
• Slow RSI length
Default to 100
• RSI Smoothing
To filter out some graphic noise
• RSI Overbought, Oversold
Regular overbought, oversold lines handled by a single value. For 70/30, set it to 20 although with longer RSI something around 15 is enough.
• Bollinger Spacer
Ads thickness to the channel with lower multiplier
• Bollinger Length
Regular Bollinger length applied to slow RSI
• Bollinger Multiplier
Regular Bollinger multiplier applied to slow RSI

For study purposes only, trading without a good risk management can be regrettable, do your own research, always add confirmations, use it as is, at your own risk.
Minor color fix upgrade.


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