Multi Bollinger Bands with Over Zone

This indicator is called "Multi Bollinger Bands with Over Zone". The indicator uses linear regression to calculate the regression line and standard deviation to calculate the upper and lower deviation lines. It also plots filled areas between the deviation lines to highlight overbought and oversold zones.

The indicator has several customizable inputs, including the length of the regression period, depth, and deviations used to calculate the deviation lines.

The regression line is plotted in green color with circle markers. The upper and lower deviation lines are plotted in blue and red colors, respectively. The area between the deviation lines is filled with light blue color for the overbought zone and light pink color for the oversold zone.

This indicator helps traders in identifying trends and potential price reversals. When the price is above the upper deviation line, it indicates a potential overbought zone, while when the price is below the lower deviation line, it indicates a potential oversold zone.

Please note that this indicator is only a tool for analysis and does not provide direct trading signals. It is important to combine this indicator with additional analysis and appropriate trading strategies.


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