Feigenbaum Projections

The theory of price delivery per Feigenbaum projections is credited to TRSTNGLRD, this indicator aims to aid traders from all backgrounds to utilize projections for determination of potential future price moves.

What follows is the simplest description of where to anchor the projection:

As price delivers and clears higher high (buy side liquidity) then reverses to clear most recent low (sell side liquidity), this becomes the anchorage point for the Feigenbaum projection and is referred to as perturbation. The start and end points for the projection should be only those candle bodies that wholly exist within the range within the high and low that were cleared by the perturbation, this range of candle bodies is to be considered the "initial condition". Structure that appears as a broadening formation is one such price delivery occurrence that can be utilized with these projections.

The projected zones are all pre-configured by TRSTNs specifications per Feigenbaum but can be adjusted if the need arises.

Price is expected to expand beyond the initial condition and into the negative and positive target zones, accuracy diminishes with further expansion and reevaluation should occur when a new perturbation is discovered.

It's recommended to explore various timeframes to find a perturbation by which to anchor the next Feigenbaum projection.

I'll do my best to update this description with time as more discoveries are made and TRSTNGLRD provides more guidance and feedback on this indicator.

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