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The use of this indicator is restricted to private use, and it can be used only by invitation. Different functionalities have been added to the original codes, such as alerts and signals that seek to make trading much easier to interpret by any type of trading operator of any experience level, from beginner to intermediate and advanced .

Key components:
• Follow the liquidity levels, as they are going to attract the price sooner or later.
• Never open positions opposite to a liquidity level’s direction.
• During the price movement towards a liquidity level, there appears a high probability to cross that level.
• When a liquidity level is crossed, the reversal movement is quite a frequent consequence, as major players are not interested in a level anymore.

When support and resistance levels are held for a long time, the highest liquidity is cumulated above or below those levels, so this is why "Liquidity pools" occur around key support and resistance , or areas on the chart where a lot of trading activity takes place. If you trade, you need this trading activity to get your order filled. Most retail traders don’t have to worry about liquidity when it comes to getting filled. In fact, even some professional swing or trend traders may not have to worry about it. A string of order types cumulates an asset’s liquidity there. This is why investors drive prices into those areas, creating new liquidity levels.

Main functions of this indicator:
1) The SOURCE for the counts can be determined by the trader (close, open, etc).
2) The MEASURE can be based on a CANDLES count if you are trading OHLC Charts from 1D onwards, or if your trading is intraday, you can also select counts by MINUTES, HOURS or DAYS, depending on your trading style.
3) LENGTH, by default it will be loaded as in the STRATEGY, but considering the previous point, you can modify it according to your convenience.
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