Hermes Scalping Study by Zekis

A simple scalping indicator, based on Highs and Lows.

It's working in any timeframe, the only condition is ... volatility .

Values are already set, but you can change them according to your preferences and to your chart.

Alerts are enabled.


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Thanks for sharing. I'm new to scripts... Can this be used on ThinkorSwim?
Going to try it tomorrow. Thanks Zekis!!
Just added it to my favorite scripts but where do I find it?
Plz give me LIFETIME access to this AMAZING indicator, use in it conjunction with ichi moku on 30m 1h 2h and 4h time frames
Zekis ivelezv4
@ivelezv4, Hi there, it's free to use :)
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Are you working with this indicator, worth to test it?
ChasinAlts kizenbahs
@kizenbahs, I have actually found it to be a pretty darn good indicator...of course i use it in conjunction with others.
+2 回复
xadehshah ChasinAlts
@ChasinAlts, which other do you suggest bro?
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