Volatility Bands Reversal Strategy [Long Only]

This strategy based on existng indicator available on TV

If finds the reversals for LONG entries ... I have modified the settings to back test it ...

When the price touches lower band , and tries to close above lower band

some signals are mixed up, you can research and look for a confirmation ...

if the middle band is above EMA50 , you can simply follow the strategy BUY signal
but if the middle band is EMA50 , wait for the price to close above middle band

Sell / Close
wait for the sell signa OR close when price touches the upper band

How do you want to close , you can chose in settings. Chnage these values and see the performance

Please note , sell means just closing the existing LONG position , not short selling

Stop Loss

Stop Loss is defaulted to 6%

This is tested in 1HR, 2HR and 4 HRs chart for SPY and QQQ ETFS ...

for long term investing style , 4 Hrs is the best time frme for this strategy

It is not a financial advise , it is for educational purposes only. Please do your own research before taking any trading decission

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