MTF Wave Trend & Money Flow - Monitoring Panel

Another indicator based on the famous "Wave Trend Oscillator" by LazyBear.

Monitoring panel showing the Wave Trend as color for 6 different timeframes. Additionaly the Money Flow (positive or negative) is indicated as green or red dots.
I find it helpful that with one glance the current Wave Trend and Money Flow on many timeframes is visible.

(Timeframes can be changed, but the description labels are currently hardcoded - if you want to change it, just copy the script and change them)

Meanings of the Colors:
WT above Zero and rising : Dark Green
WT above Zero and declining : Light Green
WT below Zero and declining : Dark Red
WT below Zero and rising : Light Red

Money flow positive : Green dot
Monet flow negative : Red dot

(Currently there are two additional timeframes commented in the code - if you want to use them, just copy the script and uncomment them)

Have fun and as always I am open for constructive feedback.


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