Trend Dominance Multi Timeframe [Misu]

█ This indicator shows the repartition of bullish and bearish trends over a certain period in multiple timeframes. It's also showing the trending direction at the time.

█ Usages:
Trend dominance is expressed with two percentages: left is downtrend and right is uptrend. Cell colors turn green if dominance is up and red if it is down.

Knowing the trend dominance allows you to have a better overview of the market conditions.
You can use it to your advantage to favor long or short trades, reversal or breakout strategies, etc.

█ Features:
> Table colors
> Instant Trend Multitimeframe
> Trend Dominance Multitimeframe

█ Parameters:
> Length: Length is used to calculate ATR.
> Atr Multiplier: A factor used to balance the impact of the ATR on the Trend Bands calculation.
> UI Settings
Change chart.


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