Current price & Daily open

For those who likes clean chart:

I made a simple script that shows Current price based on the last candle color.
Also can show Daily open line based on the daily candle color.
Daily open line is same as strong support and resistance levels.
Mostly price shows strong responces on daily open line.

1: Daily open line color is blue if current price is above the daily open line.
And daily open line is red if current price is below the daily open line.
This means blue daily open line represents bullish daily candle and red daily open line represents bearish daily candle.
Simply you can expect Buy setup on the daily open line if it is blue and vice versa. That means you are following the daily trend, nothing else.
Always double confirm with your own trading style. It's not guaranteed.

You can use this script when you want to see daily price action or to find daily high lows.
This script helps to identify the following day high and lows too on the lower timeframe.

2: When you add drawing tools on your chart price labels are overlapping or if you choose not overlap then price moves up or down so you are not able to see current price easily.
This script helps to show current price on the last candle. You can easily see the current price.
Current price color is blue when last candle is bullish and it's red when last candle is bearish .
It always calculates last candle. So it could be weekly or 1 minute candle, whatever timeframe you working on.

Thank you.


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