[RD] Easy dynamic resolution dashboard

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=== Easy dynamic resolution dashboard (initial) ===

Easy dashboard to show different running reolution bars most of the scale is adjustable.

Current state is initial and could have some bugs, or been in a cleaner way of coding. Let me know if you find something so we could fix it

Best way to start is in a seperate pane to adjust the you like best or most. Afterwards can copied to chart if needed

The round circle in the middle is the avg low|high price of that specifick candle in the resolution

Loading and input adjustments could take a while (reload)

You should get a warning if the current timeframe is higher then the input resolutions choosen. Adjust the reolutions according and you should be fine

Special thanks go to and borrowed some code from
- @PineCoders
- @RicardoSantos

Notes / Updates
- Let me know where it need (bug) fixes or adjustments
Notes / Updates

  • Added possibility to different symbols on each resolution and abbility to make use of the current symbol
  • Need some work on the alignment of the labels and text looks weird on different symbols and or tf's, needs to be generic
Updated chart
Update chart screenshot at the scripting section
- quick hack to show each resolution on chart
Added another chart layout

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