Typical RSI indicators were plotted with candles and expressed wick to resemble a candle chart,

and linear regression was added to predict changes in force intensity,

which allowed us to confirm support and resistance within linear regression .

In addition, divergence signal was marked as an additional basis for the price fluctuation point due to support and resistance .

In other words,

if the diversity signal appears together when the rsi candle is supported and resisted within linear regression ,

this is the basis for predicting that it is a point of change in the existing trend.

Finally, the period value and standard deviation of linear regression can be arbitrarily modified and used.

I hope it will help you with your trading.
(+ichimoku cloud)

Clouds made of the preceding span 1 and the preceding span 2 of the balance table can predict the trend by displaying the current price balance ahead of the future.

In addition to the role of clouds in the above-described balance sheet , this indicator also shows the cloud band support and resistance of the current RSI value.
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