PpSignal Donchian Channels CFB and BB Strategy

Here we are combine cfb with bollinger band and donichian midle line channel estrategy

This technique is for those who want the most simple method that is very effective. The best trade are during the busiest trading hours, 3am to 12am EST NY time. This method does not work in sideways markets, only in volatile trending markets.

Time Frames: 1, 5, 10, 15, 30 min.

Currency pairs: majors and btc

Essential chart indicator

-Ppsignal EWO BB, ( )

Other Chart indicators:
- Awesome Oscillator . ( )
- Optionally Add Squeeze Indicator ( )
- Bollinguer band period 13 desviation 1.


-Ewo above 0
-CFB crosses the middle donichian channel.
-CFB crosses ariiba from the upper band of bollinguer band.


- Ewo below 0
- CFB crosses below the middle channel
- CFB crosses below the signal bb.

Wath is CFB?

版本注释: we add trend
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Probabilities Algorithmic & AT analysis.
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