Hi all,
This is the first step in putting together a more comprehensive suite of indicators and strategies based around the original Vegas tunnel method.
You will need to know what that is before trying to use this indicator. I would implore you to take the time to read the document. It's free to the universe and is a very valuable piece of work in my opinion.
Here is the link to the original documentation dl.fxf1.com/files/books/english/T...

This indicator is set up to use the original levels as described by Vegas. Future releases will allow for more custom levels.

A note on the target waves. Vegas gives us the levels of 55, 89 and 233...all in FX pips. You will need to adjust that for your instrument and it is your personal preference. If you are using BTC , you might use $55, $89 etc, for ETH $5.50, $8.90 etc, for S+P 55, 89, 233 or for FX, the number might be 0.0055 etc

The indicator has been left blank so you can fill the target waves in yourself.

A note on the templates
The original template is simply as Vegas described it in his document, change it as you wish
The TD template comes from where I first was introduced to the concept. I can't mention the full source here, but some of you will know to what I am referring to. A massive thanks to TD for all the material they have provided the world.
The HH (Hero Hedge) template is just my way of looking at the wave. It's green when the faster MA is above the slower MA and red for the opposite. It doesn't really mean much, it's just a visual reference. Perhaps you can use it to filter signals if you so wish.

Finally, some of you may notice that I am an amateur coder at best. If you think you can improve or tidy up the code, then by all means, please reach out and collaborate with me.

I am trying to produce something to the benefit of all. I hope this can help you. If it does, then please pay it forward as I am trying to do.

Hero Hedge.


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