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1. L5 Whale Jump Screener 25 NoAlerts
2. L5 Whale Jump Screener 12 Alerts

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1. L5 Whales Jump Out of Ocean X
2. L5 Zen Master

Level: 5


L5 Whale Jump Screener 25 NoAlerts is a screeener which is based on principle of L5 Whales Jump Out of Ocean X, but it has its own scheme to work as a screener, which can track 25 trading pairs at the same time. With this indicator, you will see an overall market state if your inputs are major instruments in a specific market via a colorful heat map.


By tracking multiple targets in the same section can help you increase confidence level of trading because most targets move to the same direction witin the same section. It provides a macro picture to support you know the background of your trading. Also, you can choose your trading target by comparing with others in the same section to make a better decision.


25 tickerids for your customization

Key Signal:

Long Whales / Banker Pump--> fuchsia color area with 0% transparency
Close Long Whales / Close Banker Pump--> red color area with 0% transparency
Short Whales / Banker Dump --> yellow color area with 0% transparency
Close Short Whales / Close Banker Dump --> green color area with 0% transparency

Long Waves Start--> fuchsia color area with 50% transparency
Short Waves Start --> yellow color area with 50% transparency

No Whale or Wave Signal --> gray color rea with 50% transparency

Pros and Cons:

ONLY suitable for discretionary trading, and does NOT support automatic trading system/bots with alerts.
Intuitive and effective, the output signal is more reliable after multi-indicator resonance
For who need alert function, you can choose anther indicator: L5 Whale Jump Screener 12 Alerts.

Why 25 Targets are Supported?

From the principle of TV principle, it should be possible to track up to 40 targets at the same time. However, TV has another condition that restricts server computing resources. When the two condition work at the same time, for the whale jump algorithm, the number of targets it can track at the same time will drop from 40 to about 26~27! In addition, this indicator needs to support the display function from the daily time frame to the 1min time frame. Therefore, the requirements for computing resources have further deteriorated. In the end, the maximum tracking number I obtained by compromise is 25 to ensure that this indicator can support 1min or second level normal display without report an error.


My third L5 indicator published

Redeem Fee Life Lock Guarantee

Although I take the efforts to inform the script requesters that the best way to promote trading skills is to learn from the open source scripts I released by themself and to improve their PNIE script programming skills, there are still many people asking how to obtain or pay to use BLACKCAT L4/L5 private scripts. In fact, I do not encourage people to use Tradingview Coins ( TVC ) / Cryptocurrency to redeem the right to use BLACKCAT L4/L5 scripts. However, redeeming private script usage rights through TV Coins/ Cryptocurrency may be an effective way to force more people to learn PINE script programming seriously. And then I can concentrate on answering more valuable community questions instead of being overwhelmed by L4/L5 scripting permission reqeusts.
I would like to announce a ‘Redeem Fee Lock Guarantee’ program to further simplify the L4/L5 indicator/strategy utility offering and distinguish itself from the competition. ‘Redeem Fee lock guarantee’ is one of the major initiatives by BLACKCAT as a part of overall value packaging designed to guard BLACKCAT’s followers’ against cost-overruns and operational risks usually borne by them when it comes to PINE script innovation ecosystem. The TVCs redeemed for L4/L5 a follower signs up for with BLACKCAT is their guaranteed lifetime locked in TVC Quantity/ cryptocurrency, with no special conditions, exclusions and fine print whatsoever. Based on this scheme, I can constantly refine, expand, upgrade and improve PINE script publishing to ensure the very best experiences for my followers. The 'Redeem Fee Lock Guarantee' is a step in the direction of rewarding the valuable followers. NOTE: Every L4/L5 script redeeming service is ONLY limited to TVC or Cryptocurrency ("Win$ & Donate w/ This" Addresses displayed on script page) redeeming which the 1st signed up TVC Qty/ equivalent cryptocurrency is the lifetime offered TVC Qty/ equivalent crypto.

How to subscrible this indicator?

The script subscription period only has two options of one month or one year, and its price is floating. The latest price of the script subscription is proportional to the number of likes/agrees this script has already received. Therefore, the price of subscribing to this script shows an increasing trend, and the earliest subscribers can enjoy the price of lifetime lock to this script. As the number of likes / agrees of this script increases, the subscription fee for one month and one year will also increase linearly. Whatever, the first subscription price of the use will be locked for life.

Monthly subscription and annual subscription can be done either by tradingview coins ( TVC ) or by converting into equivalent cryptocurrency at the exchange rate (1TVC=0.01USD) for redeem.

TVC payment needs to pay TVC directly in the comments under this script. Every time I authorize a new user, I will update the latest number of subscribed users and latest price for next subscription under the script comment. If there are any conflicting scenario happened to the rules and my update. My updated price based on the rule will be the final price for next subscription. The following subscribers need to pay the corresponding amount of TVC or cryptocurrency in accordance with the latest number of users and price announced by me in accordance with the rules published.
TVC redemption is the method I strongly recommend, and I hope you can complete the redemption in the comment area of this script. This is like a blockchain structure, each comment is a block, each subscription is a chain, which is conducive to open and transparent publicity and traceability to avoid unnecessary disputes.

Monthly Subscription Charges

500TVC <50 Agrees (A)
And so on...

Annual Subscription Charges

5000TVC <50 Agrees (A)
And so on...
upgrade basic functions
set ignore_invalid_symbol = true
Due to TradingView further limits computing resource on their servers, 25 noalerts are no longer supported after my test, it reported as indicator failure. Now, only 21 candidates are supported. So, I adapted it accordingly.

Now the name of this indicator should be " L5 Whale Jump Screener 21 No Alerts".
To support lowest tf as 15min, i have to reduced candicate number into 17 in this version.
PLS use >= 15min time frame

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Monthly subscription and annual subscription can be done either by tradingview coins (TVC) or by converting into equivalent cryptocurrency at the exchange rate (1TVC=0.01USD) for redeem. To pay TVC directly in the comments below. Or DM me for crypto pay.