RSI MFI MultiTimeframe Oversold/Overbought

Hello Traders,

This indicator is designed to easily visualize the overbought/oversold states of RSI and MFI across multiple timeframes.

The indicator is very straightforward.

The deeper the red, the closer it is to 0, and the deeper the green, the closer it is to 100. The intermediate values are rendered in a transparent gray to focus on the key regions.

However, I understand that traders may have an interest in knowing the most recent state of the oscillator, whether it was overbought or oversold.
For this reason, I have included the 'Gradient Color' option in the color settings.

By turning off this option, you can easily see at a glance which region the oscillator was in most recently.
(Gradient Color Option Off)

In addition, I know that many traders are interested in the actual RSI/MFI values across multiple timeframes.
Thus, I have displayed the RSI/MFI values for each timeframe on the far right.

Furthermore, although the name of this indicator is RSI MFI MultiTimeframe Oversold/Overbought, I have also included the Stochastic RSI as an option, as I find it personally useful.

Feel free to use it if you find it helpful.

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