PCTR - Pi Cycle Top Risk [Logue]

Pi-cycle Top Risk (PCTR) - The PCTR indicator uses divergence of the Pi-cycle top indicator display the risk that a macro top in Bitcoin (BTC) is near. The Pi-cycle top indicator is simply the cross of the 111-day moving average above a 2x multiple of the 350-day moving average of the BTC price. While there is no fundamental reasoning behind why this works, it has worked to indicate previous bitcoin tops by taking advantage of the cyclicality of the BTC price and measurement overextension of BTC price. This indicator triggers a top signal when the fast moving average (111-day) crosses above the 2x multiple of the slow moving average (350-day).

What's interesting is the indicator can also signal a bottom when the divergence of the fast moving average is at an extreme versus the slow moving average. The indicator signals a bottom when the fast MA is 66% away from the slow MA value.

Both the top and bottom signals are clearly shown on the chart on a scale from 100 to 0.


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