Blended Candles

Have been looking at YouTube and found a few videos about Blended Candles. Couldn't find a script here so I decided to script something myself.

I have also added a couple of EMA's, saves having to put them in individually.

You can Look Back as far back as you want but I find that each time frame looks better if you keep it to multiple of the next

IE : 1 min - look back 5 (5 min) up to 15 (15 min)
5 min - look back 3 (15 min) up to 12 (1 hour)
15 min - look back 4 (1 hour) up to 16 ( 4 hours)
1 hour - look back 4 (4 hours) up to 8 (8 hours - 1 trading session)
4 hour - look back 2 (8 hours - 1 trading session) up to 6 ( 1 Day)
1 day - look back 5 ( 1 week)

Shooting stars, Hammers and Doji's are very easy to recognize
Long wicks on top - Bearish
Long wick on bottom - Bullish
Support and Resistance is easier to spot as well :-)

Hope this helps someone - defiantly helps me time entries

Comments welcome and Happy Trading

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I am finding surprisingly little about this in English and translations are sometimes difficult when describing these sorts of things....Any chace you can elaborate or link an elaboration on these "Somando" aka Blended Candles? My understanding of watching a video in another language is it being like looking at candles from a higher timeframe? But the examples i saw showed sometimes blending 2 candles and sometimes blending 3 candles. I am assuming this is what the lookback is. Please correct any incorrect assumptions Im spitting out.
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Forgot to mention. Has been coded for dark background. Just change the Wick and border color to Black for lighter charts. :-)