[blackcat] L3 VWAP BMP Indicator

Level: 3


This indicator is my attempt to combine VWAP and BMP indicators.


The goal is to provide a more timely entry point. I mixed up Igor Livshin's balance of market power ( BMP ) indicator together with vwap , can be considerably simplified for efficient implementation. If you do the math, you'll find that the raw BMP is actually equivalent to (Close-Open) / ( High-Low ) which can provide instant market judgement. I also filter try to filter out noise by averaging and fast-slow line to capture the shrot term and mid term status. So, it contains two input parameters to be adjusted to find proper values to adapt to different time frame and trading pairs.

Divergence and alerts are availble as well.


FastLength --> VWAP BMP fast line length
SlowLength --> VWAP BMP slow line length

Key Signal

BMPF --> VWAP BMP fast line in yellow color
BMPS --> VWAP BMP slow line in fuchsia color


This is a Level 3 free but closed source indicator.

Feedbacks are appreciated.
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Can I get it
500 代币
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blackcat1402 fianassan25
@fianassan25, this one is free to use. Would you like this 500 tvc for any other L4 L5 subscription or prolong?
@blackcat1402, sir please invite me
For indikator L5 Whale Jump Screener 12 Alerts
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@fianassan25, sorry sir
Invited me for L5 Whale Jump Screener 12 Alerts
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blackcat1402 fianassan25
@fianassan25, since they are whale jump bundle and you are whale jump user already. I prolonged L5 whale jump up to 10.15.

Both whale jump screeners are granted to 10.1

Looks pretty good going to try to use it to scalp see how it works out. Thanks for pursuit to make ever better indicators for people to use. If this works i will be donating!
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blackcat1402 xXDigital_GangsterXx
@xXDigital_GangsterXx, you need to tune the best input parameteres to adapt your tf and tradingpairs
@blackcat1402, I just loaded it on 1 hour and it looks like a Banger!
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blackcat1402 xXDigital_GangsterXx
@xXDigital_GangsterXx, glad to hear that
Thanks lot, looks like as close we can get to precise indicator.
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