MA Visualizer

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The MA Visualizer is made up of 5 Moving Averages (MA)

All MA change color when the price closes above or below the MA line.
The background between the MA line and price will also change color, this creates the Visualizer.
When two or more MA are selected the two visualizer's will combine and create a gradient effect.

Each MA can be adjusted with 6 source selection's to choose from (SMA , EMA , WMA , HMA , RMA , WVMA).

The Visualizer can be turned off while leaving the MA lines turned on and vice versa.
Their is also a MA Cross indicator built-in.
MA Visualizer has been updated
•Least Square Moving Average has been added
•Alternative Color option box has been added, this will replace the "make everything brighter" option box
(Default color is Green/ Red) - (Alternative color is Blue/ Purple)

Other minor changes
-RMA has been renamed to Welles Wilder (RMA)
-MA 1 is now off by default
-Default MA lengths have been changed to (14, 21, 50, 100, 200)
-Default Visualizer source changed from OHLC4 to CLOSE
MA Visualizer has been updated!

2 new moving average's have been added (ALMA and Median)
There is now a total of 9 moving average's (SMA, EMA, RMA, HMA, WMA, VWMA, LSMA, ALMA, Median)

The MA Cross has been improved!
You can now cross 2 different moving average's
You now have complete control of all settings of both cross lines
The cross label's that appear on the chart will now show the settings you input

There is now a info box with the full name of each moving average
The colors have had a slight refinement

I have changed the MA crosses label system because it was only showing the last 500 bars, it will now go all the back to the start.
Complete Color Update
-I have added a drop down box with 7 color options
(Green/Red, Blue/Purple, Yellow/Pink, Pastel, Rainbow, Blue, Grey)

New Update!
-I have also added a label at the end of each MA for a quick reference of MA Length and MA Type.
(this can be turned on & off in the settings tab)


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