Thank for JayRogers
This is a strategy for bitcoin ,cryptocurrency , stock market
1 hardly any repaint ,suggest 2 hour frame for bitcoin or use hekin ashi K line with 90 minute frame, suggest 1 Day or more for stock exchange
Sep 22
版本注释: update parameter for enhanced reduction of repaint exposure
Sep 30
版本注释: add the backtest date setting
Mar 13
版本注释: This strategy uses the RSI indicator
together with the Bollinger Bands
to sell when the price is above the
upper Bollinger Band (and to buy when
this value is below the lower band).

This simple strategy only triggers when
both the RSI and the Bollinger Bands
indicators are at the same time in
a overbought or oversold condition.

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Oct 22
版本注释: add oscillating signal filtering
Oct 22
版本注释: add signal filtering
从常用的脚本中删除 添加到常用的脚本
Can I get an access please?
hi can i have the accesses on trial basis
# Can I get an access please?
delayOffset=0 have future data
@DntBShy, what do you mean by that?
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