0). INTRODUCTION: "MTF TREND-PANEL-(AS)" is a technical tool for traders who often perform multi-timeframe analysis.
This simple tool is meant for traders who wish to monitor and keep track of trend directions simultaneously on various timeframes, ranging from 1MIN to 3MONTHS (or other - 'DIFF')
script enhances decision-making efficiency and provides a clearer picture of market condition by integrating multiple timeframe analysis into a single panel.

-script doesn't make any calculations on its own really but is more of a tool for traders to remember what is happening on other time frames
- use tooltips to navigate settings easier

- Keeps track of up to 7 timeframes. (NUMBER of TimeFrames setting, from 1-7)
- Customizable Display: Choose to display nothing, upward/downward arrows, or a range indication for each timeframe.
- timeframe options: '1-MIN','5-MIN','15-MIN','30-MIN','1H','4H','1D','1W','1M','3M','DIFF'
- Color Coding: Define your preferred colors for each timeframe
- set position of the table and size of text (Position/text)
- Personal Touch: Add your own trading maxim or motto for inspiration to show up when SHOW TEXT is turned on

-NUMBER of TimeFrames setting: from 1-7 - how many rows to show
-SHOW TABLE: Toggle to display or hide the trend table panel.
-SHOW TEXT: Show or hide your personalized trading maxim.
-SHOW TREND: Enable to display trend direction arrows.
-SHOW_CLRS: Turn on to activate color coding for each timeframe.
-position/text size for table
-settings for each timeframe:color,time,trend
-place to type ur own text

5). How to Use the Script:
-After adding the script to your chart, use the 'NUMBER of TimeFrames' setting to select how many timeframes you want to track (1 to 7).
-Customize the appearance of each timeframe row using the color and arrow options.
-For trend analysis, the script offers arrows to indicate upward, downward, or ranging markets.
-decide what trend dominates particular TF (using other tools - script does not calculate trend on its own )
- mark trends on panel to keep track of all TF
-Enable or disable various features like the table panel, trader maxim, and color coding using the ON/OFF options.

6). just in case:
- ask me anything about the code
-don't be shy to report any bugs or offer improvements of any kind.
- originally created for @ict_whiz and made public at his request

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