Litt Internals Pro

The Litt Internal Pro is based on the four major U.S. Equity Indexes. This is to not be used for any other markets. If you need more information on any of the indexes, you can google or watch YouTube videos on what they are. Typically if we are looking for to be long we want to see all four of the indexes green and have buy ratings. If we are looking to be short we want to see all four of the indexes red and have sell ratings. If you see Overbought or Oversold ratings it may be best to wait for a pullback to get long or not take the trade at all.

For the stocks that you trade, you should know what index they are in. The reason for this is that you can still take trades if not all four indexes are aligned the same color. For example, maybe small caps ( IWM ) are on a hot streak and seeing buying momentum from institutions meanwhile tech ( QQQ ), is being sold. If you held a long in a company that is in IWM then you could be more comfortable holding your long position. Meanwhile, if you held a long position in a stock that is in QQQ then you might want to cut your loss or take profit. There are multiple different use cases for this indicator so it is best to look for outside resources on more information on the indexes and what stocks are in each index. This can be a very powerful tool to see sector rotation by hedge funds and institutions.


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