BCH after fork currently 1.5x more profitable to mine *PUMPTIME?

According to at this moment few hours after the BCH fork because of emergency difficulty adjustment (EDA) rule
the profitability is currently 1,5x (1,44x 7day avg             .) making BCH winner at the same time still 110K (dropped from 175K) stucked transactions pending

I´m not fan of BCH but once this confirms after another few hours of running that BCH is more profitable than BTC             then there is in play that miners will jump over BCH to make more money and so will the price of BCH will go up

Once Chinese whales will realized this there is chance taht the history will repeat one more time and BCH could pump up to 3K approx meanwhile BTC             will dump at 5K ?
This is pure speculation.

Feel free to discuss and share your opinions about the current crypto situation.
Actually it makes me sick and I´m thinking about leaving the crypto for a while to take the profits and enjoy some HOLIDAY JOURNEY :)
I appreciate your disclaimer of not being a fan. Seems that most fans are trying to manipulate pump TAs and most who aren't are doing the opposite.
anoinvest spacemonkeey
@spacemonkeey, Actually I have just small portion of trades active now. Holding few (CORE) BTC and few BCH which I get and holded since fork + got some at 550-650
I´m at all FAN of LiteCoin, Dash and looking for IOTA :ú but the reason why I´m watching this close is to know if I should finally short my BCH and get tre ( FREE MONEY )

At this moment it seems still smart to hold BCH as it is still more profitable to mine so the pump after breakout is possible.

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anoinvest anoinvest
@anoinvest, The funny part is the fork itself. I can´t get eyes of the charts these days as it is very interesting to follow the evolution and get some experiences for the future.

Anyways in the main chart you can spot "F" Which is by me some sort of fake(manipulation) bullflage right after the breakout from the descending wedge and hitting double bottom which I mentioned in my previous analysis (link below) Well back to F like a FORK :D Brakout from 1K to 1,5K then once it was done .. perfectly on the seconds .. the fork was finished and BCH was instantly dumped to 1K on some exchanges like people were waiting another free shitfork coin :D or I dunno why that happend

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