Ok ok, let's slow down because I needed to bring some hype for this post.

After some slight tweaking from my idea to see everyone in April, well... Happy May! I'm back to draw another line as we retrace up this emotional rollercoaster that is $btc. Well, folks tax money is flowing into alt and people need a market entry.

Short term (next 2 weeks): $btc spikes to $10,200 and then some more. With support @ about $8,900.

Long-term (1-1.5 month/s): Once we find support at $10,000 we will have an unreal run. I truly think we are coming to the last days to scoop $btc @ below $10,000. No target for this year because I'll probably make another line in a chart and make a new post by then.

HODL TIGHT or BTFD - Altseason is upon us
评论: Shrem agrees lol. Bullish
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