in your dreams :)
@exkuji, I actually have a formula, this is just art. I have a formula that has worked since 2015, and I don't panic because I know the future buddy! I have the Algorithm, its actually broken into algorithm A and algorithm B. and Yes it works. and 12k is next stop.
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exkuji KingoVikingo
@KingoVikingo, i do believe it can happen, but before that we will see back trace to 2500 at least. I have open orders on 2500 till 1600. I do agree that price should go up, but allays is but...
@exkuji, Well that algo I have, says that if it goes below 3500 the whole cycle goes down in flames, It won't, you better buy now, cause it won't get cheaper dude, specially on the 15th when Ben Bernanke speaks. I think that by oct 1st we will be close to 5k.
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abd17mou KingoVikingo
@KingoVikingo, so what now ?
abd17mou abd17mou
@abd17mou, sorry this comment is @exkuji
@exkuji, You see, I am confident, thats why I am willing to tell people, because I don't fear it, I know it. Just for your info!! If BITCOIN DROPS BELOW 3500 at any point now, IM SCREWED AND IM A LIAR, but IT WONT, I will rise, specially after BEN BERNANKE SPEAKS NEXT MONTH!!
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abd17mou exkuji
@exkuji, so what now ?
@abd17mou, if this thing does go ti 7500 or 7k... Ill buy in,,, cause next stop is around 20k... but I think 7500 should be next... I don't know how.., but something is going to happen soon.. some FUD, CME might not happen, or maybe CME will happen and set the BTC prices super low... I don't know.. but I am still to see a good correction... but up we are supposed to go... maybe we will go straight from here.. but for sure it won't go below 7k... not again..
abd17mou KingoVikingo
@KingoVikingo, Ok supposing that BTC will correct to 7500, at that point what will be the effect on alts ? will people save their BTCs in alts or fiats ?
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