Bitcoin Irrational Top, take profit

OKCOIN:BTCUSD3M   Bitcoin / Dollar Forward 3 Months
Hi All!

Today we take profit on Bitcoin at $5.8k. Bomba!

What we are witnessing currently is classic 1.618 fib extension of an institutional top of $5k. This one is exit pump.

  • "You should not expect BTC Bull market to end in a rational fashion." MarcelV on Twitter
  • By far the steepest candle, ever, $1k in a day.
  • Wait until ponzi schemes are destroyed, fake ICOs dismantled and regulatory frameworks set.
  • Look for new disrupting technologies, forget about old Litecoin. Try dual-blockchain coins. See my Halloween Portfolio analysis.

Join Us Now at Goblin Town!

Happy trading! ;)
评论: "Party is over." -OKEX


Put profits in VRM
交易开始: Hi All!

Today we took 125% profit!

Possible bounce on 4h Kumo support and spend some time ranging in the $5.2k - $5.6k range, filling in Volume Profile gap.

Send me a Private Message to join GOBLIN TOWN!
交易开始: Bitcoin follows our plan

Happy trading! ;)
交易结束:到达目标: Nice profit on LONG from $5.1k - $5.2k (even though I got stopped out at $5090, but that's me).

Now we are running into massive resistance, the orange trendline.

1.618 Fib ext hit
Bubble extension irrationality
Bears homeless
Bulls need take profit, sucked dry all alts
Now selling into strength at $6k+?


Happy trading! ;)
交易开始: Everything went as expected. Goblins longed around $5.6k, now I am closing at $5.9k / $6k finex... SMART MONEY SELLS INTO STRENGTH.

Load up your shorts here and expect downward spiral to commence very soon as Bitcoin Gold split will occur in less than 24 hours and it is a bearish event.

Happy trading! ;)
评论: Fundamentally too, we should go down.

BitMEX now allowed last withdrawal (in 30 mins) before the snapshot happens.

Expect downtrend very soon and look at our "Reload zone soft".

Happy trading! ;)
交易结束:到达目标: That was a great $400 profit for one evening, wasn't it? Thanks all Goblins!

Well done.
@MarcelV, thanks for your posting Marcel. Always interested in reading them. I believe the top may explode even higher after yes or no a pullback. But you never now where it will end. Might go to 7, 8 or 9k and end with a boom. Money management and good (trailing) stop losses are essential. Keep em coming.
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