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币种 1天流入量 3天流入量

aWETH_v2 1761,0594 1761,0594

aUNI_v2 566,9961 566,9961

ALCX 103,8925 103,8925

aDAI_v2 100,1602 100,1602

VSP 73,2477 73,2477

NAOS 30,1500 30,1500

*RARE 29,0394 29,0394

CVX 27,9691 27,9691

EDEN 20,1829 20,1829

bDIGG 17,8461 17,8461


$CHZ (chiliZ) is the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) with the highest trading volume in 24 hours. $317,429 buy $4,772,030 sell

$DAI (DaiStablecoin) is the DeFi Token with the highest trading volume in 24 hours. $202,207 buy $709,152 sell

$MANA (Decentraland) is the Gaming Token with the highest trading volume in 24 hours. $2,049,209 buy $0 sell


币种 人均买入数量 人均卖出数量 人均净买入数量
ETH 6 20 -14
*FTM 5059 300 +4759
USDT 9005 3706 +5299
USDC 8375 2250 +6125
COTI 5000 / +5000
MANA 659 / +659
SHIB 2634,7438 / +2634,7438
*MATIC 574 / +574
*DYDX 21 / +21
CHZ 661 1,0000 -9339


币种 人均持有量(上次扫描) 人均持有量(本次扫描) 人均持仓变化
ETH 3,7024 3,6998 -26.0
OKB 1,9496 1,9496 +0.0
SHIB 74,3824,9132 71,6321,6527 -2,7503,2605.0
CRO 124,5170 124,5170 +0.0
WBTC 4 4 +0.0
HOT 1735,0119 1735,0119 +0.0
LINK 6420 6392 -28.0
BEST 21,1735 21,1735 +0.0
BTR 66,9886 66,9886 +0.0
*RPL / 3900 3900





(1) @DODO DEX & NFT | We are Hiring! 与2021-11-02 23:58:25发布了:

$DODO and @ichifarm have come to together to launch $oneDODO, a stablecoin that will make PMM even more dynamic. Up to $500k worth of $DODO will be allocated to the incentivized pools! T-24 hours until liquidity mining goes live. #JustDODOIt

(2) @ICHI 与2021-11-02 23:00:07发布了:

The @BreederDodo and ICHI communities have partnered to launch Stable DODO $oneDODO, a USD denominated asset, will enable the DODO AMM to become one of the most used in #Web3. Driving higher arbitrage volumes and earning more fees for the AMM .


(1) @Perpetual Protocol | We're hiring! 与2021-11-03 09:47:39发布了:

@Bitc0inTech @banklessDAO @SushiSwap @OlympusDAO @VisorFinance @PopsicleFinance @StakeDAOHQ @dHedgeOrg @BalancerLabs @SBF_FTX Close enough, it's $2,500 per ticket.

(2) @Perpetual Protocol | We're hiring! 与2021-11-03 09:42:16发布了:

@Bitc0inTech @banklessDAO @SushiSwap @OlympusDAO @VisorFinance @PopsicleFinance @StakeDAOHQ @dHedgeOrg @BalancerLabs @SBF_FTX No, you don't need to claim the tickets and you won't get the prize until the mainnet launch. Check the rules:

(3) @ICON Foundation 与2021-11-03 10:30:31发布了:

Did we mention there will be giveaways? Here's the first one: Win 25,000 $TAP tokens from @ICONbetofficial by 1. Following @EyeonICON1 2. Retweeting: Join the Mainnet Launch Party via Youtube livestream through this link:

(4) @Anchor Protocol 与2021-11-03 07:47:19发布了:

5/ Current liquidation contract bidders on Anchor that have placed bids on previous contracts should retract their bids and move them to new liquidation contracts at the new mainnet liquidation contract address: terra1e25zllgag7j9xsun3me4stnye2pcg66234je3u

(5) @Eye on Icon 与2021-11-03 06:59:11发布了:

We are about 15 hours away from the ICON 2.0 Launch party, and we're going to conduct our first giveaway! Simply be following @EyeonIcon1 and retweet this, and a lucky winner will win 25,000 $TAP tokens from @ICONbetofficial! $ICX

(6) @Celo 与2021-11-03 06:50:00发布了:

The Dahlia protocol is officially on Celo mainnet!

(7) @ICON Foundation 与2021-11-03 03:24:21发布了:

Join us live on November 3rd 11:30 PM KST as ICON 2.0 Mainnet goes live! To add the event to your calendar and access the livestream: #ICONProject $ICX


(1) @Coinbase 与2021-11-03 06:34:52发布了:

Big news for the #BTC set ... We’re excited to announce that eligible customers can now borrow up to $1 Million USD from Coinbase. Learn more here

(2) @Bitcoin News 与2021-11-03 04:41:39发布了:

Developers from the Metalcore Foundation and Studio 369 revealed an #NFT-powered mechanized combat video game. #blockchain

(3) @Ankr 与2021-11-03 04:21:00发布了:

. @portal_finance and #Ankr Announce Strategic Partnership to Boost #DeFi Adoption

(4) @Algorand 与2021-11-03 03:18:46发布了:

We are excited to announce @rv_inc as a sponsor of #Decipher! Be sure to catch Musab Alturki, Senior Research Engineer at Runtime Verification, in @thelabmiami for his workshop on best practices for a blockchain audit. Virtual tickets still available

(5) @Tempus 与2021-11-03 02:50:54发布了:

We are proud to announce our new strategic collaboration with @SushiSwap! The partnership between Tempus and Sushi will be mutually beneficial: it allows Tempus to access Sushi’s community resources, pursue more integrations and engage with its users.


(1) @Brad Garlinghouse 与2021-11-03 04:49:30发布了:

@ChrisBrummerDr is right -- there is a lot at stake here, which is why we need Congress to play a leading role in providing guidance and clarity for not just stablecoins as is recommended by the PWG report, but crypto broadly ASAP .

(2) @Ankr 与2021-11-03 02:00:02发布了:

Boost Yields with @0xPolygon liquid staking! As Liquid Staking solves the capital inefficiency problem of (Nominated) Proof-of-stake networks, it offers a way to earn additional rewards on your staked MATIC, enabling new yield farming strategies.

(3) @Bancor 与2021-11-03 00:09:06发布了:

APR in the @arconametaverse pool on Bancor is through the roof! As $ARCONA continues its up-only trajectory, LPs who stake $ARCONA on Bancor maintain 100% exposure to their favorite metaverse token without risk of IL! Dive in the $ARCONA pool:

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