CLOAK Going on Binance (Fundamentals trade)

BITTREX:CLOAKBTC   CloakCoin / Bitcoin
There are many reports that the Altcoin CloakCoin (CLOAK) is being added to Binance soon. Just this one piece of data can make this an incredibly profitable coin to buy and hold for the next few days.

CLOAK is available for trading right now on the major exchange Bittrex and some other minor exchanges.

Binance is the biggest exchange of all. When a new coin is added to Binance, its price tends to shoot up really strong. The growth potential varies, but it can go from 20% to 500% or more.

You can check CLOAK's Twitter feed for some news on this, as well CloakCoin details on Binance.

Here are a few quick suggestions for this trade:

- Buy in within the following range: 0.00115 - 0.00150

- Sell at the following targets: 20-50% profits. Up to 100% and more 12-24 hours after Binance add.

- Decide your profits target and strategy before buying in and stick to it. For example, if you choose to aim for 30%, then go for it, but when you see 30% profits do not stay on the trade, sell, take your profits and move on. On a different note, if you go for 100% potential profits, then stick to it as well... the same with 5%, 10%, etc. Stick to your plan, but think carefully before choosing one.

- You can use a 10% stop loss (if the price goes 10% below 0.00115, you can choose to close your trade. This is completely up to you.

- Please trade at your own risk, choose wisely before deciding to buy this coin. Do not buy solely based on this recommendation, there is no guarantee that anything will happen. The price can go up as it can go down. Use this piece of information as a tool to better improve the odds of a successful trade.

- I love you for what you are... Remember your true-self...

评论: Possible breakout coming soon as soon on the 30 minutes chart (Ascending Triangle a bilateral pattern):
评论: CLOAK Update (short term view - 30m chart):

- Ascending triangle breakout = success (up).
- SMA 20 crossing SMA 50 and 200. (green, blue and brown lines).
- Strong candles.
- This is a very short term analysis.


By the way, I wrote a post a while back called "CLOAK - Example of a missed opportunity", go and read it, you might enjoy it. Just click on the image below:
评论: We are holding nicely here, around 10-15% higher since sharing... Let's see how it goes today, CLOAK has been holding solid.

Quick chart view for your entertainment:
评论: Please allow time for this trade to develop.
交易手动结束: With the market as it is now, we will move away from CLOAK.

You can still hold long and wait and see if it is added to Binance, but so far nothing has happened.

Now, please keep in mind that my main target/goal was to earn 20-50% profits, which was achieved at least 3-5 times in a period of a few days.

For the "Binance add", as I called it, it would increase our potential profits as well as our risk.

This is the second trade that I share based on the "Binance add" news/rumors/source confirmation, this is definitely the last.

I never traded on news/rumors, but people really enjoy those and my source is really trusted to me, so I tried to adapt to please him and my followers as well, it didn't' work out and I take full responsibility for the fall. But you can count that it won't happen anymore. (Many warnings were given anyways, and good profits was made).

I hope you understand my position.

I wish to continue receiving your love.

评论: My source is still confident that CLOAK will be added to Binance.

I will take a 50/50 chance. I will sell half and keep the other half.

Maybe this can give you some ideas.
评论: Another update (sorry for all the updates, this is a big issue to me): 'For a coin to publish on their twitter page that the application has been lodged for binance one would also think that maybe the information source does hold some merit, due to the simple fact if they were declined they would affectively be telling the world that their coin holds less credibility and value then every other coin on binance. You wouldnt think a company would risk Jeopardising their business with these details unless they were lisitng.... However let time the be answer as all things'
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Likevwithin an hour lmao
Doesn't trust his source, now trusts his source lol
Get ur 5% and gtfo
@Jadeba, dude why dont you write all your point and arguments in one comment instead of raving like a lunitic
Jadeba farhadshabro
Point taken, I am simpleminded and thoughts come perioducakly
His club makes money off pumps I have learned to take advantage
I invested 2k in December, ran it up to 4k bought land gold club and lost it all, invested another 5k and now it's 30k, no Alan, you will lose money, he only had success in december...everybody did I, but I love his 5% pumps
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Crazy thing my advice is free and I don't pretend to care about you while reaping profits on your expense, we all have to stand before God someday
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@Jadeba, do you have tradingview site? i need new good ideas, trader alanmaster is abusing us for his self interest using our savior jesus for his deceptive schemes and i need to know what to buy
Jadeba Pfeffernase
Love you I joined Alan cause he had Jesus as his icon, then he went to Buddha and he hasn't won since, praise the trueGod
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