EASY! Make 14 % PROFIT on DASH right NOW... D4 will show u HOW!

Dear beloved D4-fans!

Lets jump right in! We don't have time to waste.

We are right now taking a look at the 2h DASHUSD chart. As you can see, DASH in an uptrend with the EMA 50 above EMA100 and EMA200. Way to go DASH!

An ascending triangle is taking form on the chart and on the RSI , which both are super bullish signs. And also take a look at the MACD . A beautiful MACD-cross will soon take place!

Everything is super bullish , so expect that we soon will break through. And as always: Wait for confirmation! We need a nice bullish candle with good volume , and you are good to buy! Remember to put a stop loss. The red box is your sell zone!

D4rkEnergY is here for you guys. D4rkEnergY will make you rich! D4rkEnergY appreciate you guys!

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Potential 14% profit VS a 15% stop loss doesn't make trade sense to me.
+1 回复
So.. euhm? Mistake?
it work for ada/btc on binance?
Thanks, will you update when the trade is active?
+5 回复
darkness lord, why do you do USD pair only? Why you dont do BTC pairs?
+4 回复
StankySanky ForexCryptoA
@ForexCryptoA, actually I am interested as to why anyone pairs with BTC. This is a legit question - Why would my holding currency be something that can fall ass out like it did at the start of January?
ForexCryptoA StankySanky
@StankySanky, because all exchanges value currencies in BTC or ETH ; and while trading your objective is to increase value of BTC or ETH.
+2 回复
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